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Ayurvedic Seasonal Cleansing

How often do you take the time to “reset”? We all know we need rest and our bodies certainly demand sleep after a long day, but sometimes even sleep is not enough to replenish our energies. This is often due to other things like diet and exercise which we may be overlooking or perhaps even overemphasizing. Just like the seasons bring change, and with that change growth, our modern bodies need support to healthily endure the constant demands of time and effort. How amazing would it be if we could learn to recover physically as well as mentally and spiritually? Life changing!

What if I told you there is a simple way check-in with yourself and find the nourishment you need? 

Seasonal cleansing is the most gentle, supportive and sustainable way to establish and maintain your unique balance in health and wellness.

A seasonal cleansing approach is far from the typical fad diet that restricts calorie intake or requires that you only eat apples for weeks. Instead, you select foods that are adequate to the particular climate and current season in your region. For starters, focus on local, seasonal fruits and vegetables. During autumn, as the days get cooler, prioritize wholesome, warm, and nourishing foods. One of our favorite dishes for autumn detox is “kitchadi” (also spelled a number of different ways – a staple in ayurvedic nutrition) so nutrient rich and easily digestible that it aids in detoxifying the gut and helps us to conserve energy.

You can download a free recipe for kitchidi and a few other cleansing meals here.

When you start a seasonal cleanse it is important to prioritize rest and peaceful environments. Simple rituals like waking up early and drinking a glass of warm water with lemon, then setting aside some time for breath awareness or meditation, will help you to become more aligned with the effects of this replenishing process.

If you are interested in learning more about seasonal cleansing and how to rejuvenate your body from the inside out – in a way that is most suitable to your unique needs – let us know. We offer health history consultations and comprehensive health coaching, and 7-day cleansing programs with all the support you need so you can learn how to transition healthily through life’s changes.

Our vision and devotion to healthy living and eating extends to everything we do. All of our classes, workshops and Yoga Teacher Training Courses integrate balanced dietary guidelines and seasonal cleansing.

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