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Benefits of Yoga

“With a sincere practice of Yoga and Meditation the practitioner will experience physical, mental, and emotional awakening and refinement…

Increased awareness

One of the first benefits may be an increased sensitivity in your inner awareness. Uncover and understand aspects of yourself that were once hidden. You will begin to understand what you need to improve in your life and how you wish your life to be.

Improved bodily functions

All your bodily functions will be significantly improved; cardiovascular, digestive, glandular, respiratory, lymphatic, and nervous system.

Flexible body and mind

Your flexibility will improve which will increase energy throughout your body. You mind too will become flexible; you will notice a deeper level of patience, understanding and kindness.

Stress Reduction

Relaxation techniques have the ability to quieten the mind, giving you a sense of inner peace. Increased endurance within the nervous system will soothe edgy nerves.

Expanded lungs

Through the breathing techniques your lung capacity will expand. Conditions such as asthma and panic attacks will be soothed and even overcome. Deeper breathing allows for more prana (life force) to be taken in nourishing the cells, keeping the organs and the body youthful and healthy.

Toned and strengthened body

Asana (physical postures and exercises) will quickly fine tune your body. It will become strong and toned. Excess body fat will decrease, posture will improve, and shape will begin to take place. You will feel more comfortable in your body and self- confidence will improve.


Yoga cleanses us of physical, mental and emotional obstructions, attitudes and habits which are no longer serving us. This frees space to develop beneficial and positive new experiences.

Good Health

Immune system becomes strengthened allowing you to enjoy vibrant good health.


You develop the ability to manifest your deepest desires and begin to draw opportunities towards you.

Strength of character

Begin to develop qualities of endurance, commitment, will and faith in your own potential. You will achieve mental clarity and focus.


Glandular balance will leave you feeling and looking great. You will have the confidence to shine. Your complexion will be youthful and your eyes will sparkle.

Healing & Wellbeing

You may experience increased energy which will flow through unblocking and bringing every aspect of you to life. You will notice the ability to relax thoroughly and sleep deeply.

Breaking addictions and bad habits

The need to self-destruct will begin to diminish. You will be given the tools to be able to get to the bottom of the need to over indulge in drugs, alcohol, food, etc.

Attracting the right relationships

You will begin to recognise your inner beauty and be attracted to that in a partner, rather than repeating the same dysfunctional patterns in a relationship.

Enhancing sexual Activity

The act of sex will become an integration of human and divine energies.

Increased Creativity

You will become spontaneous, expressive and your mind will be creative.

Heightened sensory awareness

Your intuition will be developed. All your senses will become sharper.

Heighten your spiritual sense

You will be able to open your mind to the bigger picture. Attitudes like trust, acceptance, gratitude and non-attachment will become second nature to you.

Open your heart

You will be able to develop the joy of life. With an open heart, you will be in love with life.”


Adapted from “Open Your Heart with Kundalini Yoga” by Sri Datta

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