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Online Yoga & Ayurveda Wellness Mentoring Program

A 28-Day Guided Integration with Diego Baldi

Create a lifestyle that will best support you in health and wellness. 

Join Diego as he teaches us best practises to integrate these complementary art/sciences into our daily lives. Learn how to adapt and customise these practises according to your day to day needs. 

It will be presented online from the 2nd to the 30th of June – including daily content plus a series of engaging and informative workshops combining practise, study, and reflection. You can join live and/or access the recordings and resources at your own pace. 

One-on-one holistic health history assessment

Daily guidance on yogic and ayurvedic practises for lifestyle and nutrition

Access to our 90 minute weekly group classes: Tuesday’s 8am and Thursday’s 8am & 6pm

4 weekly workshops presenting the theme and practises for the week 

2 bi-weekly 2 hour workshops exploring the practises and techniques in more detail – lifetime access to virtual classroom resources 

20% discount on our live/online Ayurvedic Cooking Course

Program Overview 

Week 1 – Life as Integration 
  • ayurvedic seasonal nutritional cleansing guidelines and self-care techniques 
  • whole-food, plant-based recipes and essential herbal remedies 
Week 2 – Welcoming Ease & Joy 
  • asanas (yogic postures) and kriyas (purification techniques) as a preparatory foundation to receive the benefits of meditation
  • support your physical, mental and emotional immunity; creating space for calm, clarity that will facilitate growth and progression
Week 3 – The Heart of Health & Wellness
  • understand the nature of the mind and how it relates to how you experience anxiety, stress, and other emotions
  • Integrate remedies that will establish presence, so you can healthily respond to those experiences
Week 4 – Uniting Heart & Mind
  • Learn and develop practises that facilitate and support meditation; breathing technique, reflection, and other techniques that help balance physical and mental energy
  • Embrace the opportunity to rest in the stillness within; one that becomes more approachable once we have prepared the mind and body through practise

Program Cost

We are using a sliding scale structure to make the course accessible to more people. You are welcome to choose the rate that best suits your current financial situation:

Sustainer Rate (regular, pays for you) – 1500 ZAR

Community Rate (discounted, pays for you) – 750 ZAR

Supporter (pays for you and supports community)  – 2,250 ZAR

10% of your contribution will be donated to local community organizations providing essential services to those in need. Every single contribution is deeply appreciated.

Schedule for “Live” Sessions

Participants can attend the live sessions or access the recorded content & resources in our virtual classroom.

5 x Tuesday evenings 6-7.30pm (June 2, 9, 16, 23 & 30)

2 x Friday evenings 5-7pm (June 5 & 19)

Who can benefit from this program? 

  • Everyone who wishes to create a life in which all aspects of lifestyle are supporting each other towards balance.
  • Those interested in learning more about Yoga & Ayurevda – this program will support you to embrace the multiple facets of these sister arts and sciences so you establish a stronger foundation for a lifestyle of health and wellness.
  • Holistic health-care practitioners who wish to broaden their scope of their approach to include the integration of Yoga & Ayurveda.
  • Yoga teachers who wish to gain continued education hours and broaden their scope of teaching to guide students in approaching yoga from a more holistic perspective.

Our Intentions

To broaden your perspective of wellness through the holistic lens of these wise traditions…

…as an art of living.
Create the lifestyle that best suits you by studying and responding to nature – and yourself as part of it.
Learn how nature’s elements, rhythms, and cycles are intertwined with ours in many ways; from the nourishment we receive from food, to our senses and emotions. 

…as a natural science.
Sustainably integrate knowledge and practices that have passed the test of time and modern science – and understand how they relate to your experience. 
Learn to respond to life more intuitively and in harmony with your environment. 
…as a philosophy.
Reawaken an experiential understanding of the nature of our mind through a mindfulness integration of practises. 
Embrace a holistic spectrum of knowledge, practices and guidelines to embody a life of balance and wholeness.

Do you have any questions about the program? Contact or +27 79 262 3877 (available on WhatsApp)

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