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Embodying Holistic Health: A Conscious Cooking Retreat

2nd-6th May | Finca Bella Vida | Costa Rica

Embark on a transformative journey with our bespoke holistic retreat, designed to reconnect YOU with wholesome, nourishing foods and effortlessly embrace holistic living.

Immerse yourself in an accessible environment carefully crafted for ALL to benefit from conscious cooking, mindfulness practices, integrated yoga, holistic wellness, and Ayurveda.

Join us as we highlight food not only as a delicious experience but also as a creative pathway back to your fullest well being potential and longevity.”

Learn Ayurvedic and Integrative wellness through Conscious Cooking

  • Conscious cooking course – community, culinary techniques and recipes.
  • Wholefood, seasonal and plant based meals
  • Accessible Integrated Yoga
  • Mindfulness practices for conscious living
  • Ayurveda and integrative nutrition workshops
  • Self care strategies
  • Ayurvedic constitution analysis
  • Lifestyle and nutritional integrations
  • A peaceful forest retreat
  • Nature walks

We invite you to join...

  • This experience is designed to support you to 

    • Level up your conscious cooking skills and whole food recipe repertoire 
    • Empower you with knowledge and practices to take greater care of your whole person wellness 
    • Inspire sustainable lifestyle and nutritional transformation to prevent imbalances and promote health, wellbeing and longevity 

    This experience may help you

    • Manage stress more effectively 
    • Strengthen metabolism and support healthy digestive function 
    • Strengthen immune function- supporting to balancing hormones and nervous system  
    • Cleansing, weight loss and rejuvenation 
    • Promote physical and mental wellbeing and harmony

Meet your guides

Diego Baldi
 | Conscious Cooking Chef | Integrative Nutrition Health coach | | Yoga, mindfulness & Ayurveda educator |
I started my Yoga and wellness journey through food and holistic living naturally unfolded. I love to prepare wholesome and delicious foods to bring people together in conscious community.
My hope is that all may eat well and embody our innate joy and well being.
María Victoria la Tanama

| Ayurvedic Practitioner | Maestra de Yoga 

Maria Victoria’s personal journey of recovering from chronic pain and developing menstrual cycle awareness has inspired a compassionate and holistic approach to wellness and recovery.

Maria Victoria’s commitment to holistic health encompasses physical, mental, and emotional well-being, guiding individuals to cultivate greater awareness and self-care practices.


Ana Desmond

“Feeling more connected, grounded and living with a more conscious, intentional awareness.

Diego is very knowledgeable with a gentle spirit and genuine compassion to teach wellness.” 


Bonny Suski

“Emotionally more calm, rested, and “neutral”, feeling more level-headed and rejuvenated. 

I really enjoyed Diego’s approach. He made it very personable and made it very open-ended, so even though we are not necessarily educated on the topics, there was no judgement. It was very relaxed and friendly. 

We felt like we were given VIP treatment as retreat guests!”


Booking Information

 📣 For more information and to reserve your space

1. Contact Diego 

2. Set up an introductory call and holistic health consultation at no charge. 

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