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Becoming Soft Like a Puppet with the Yoga Wall Ropes

The word Kurunta means puppet or doll made of wood. When we practice kurunta we become like puppets suspended by ropes. All different categories of yoga asana, standing poses, inversions, forward bends and especially back bending poses, are developed and refined through the use of wall ropes.

We use the ropes to find the stability and awareness of alignment in our Yoga asana.

Create more space and softness in areas of the body where tension tends to settle. The work experienced on the wall ropes are unique. Stability, agility and balance is gained in the shoulder girdle, spine, pelvis and hamstrings.

The pinnacle of all the experiences that the wall ropes offer, comes in the practice of rope Sirsasana, the suspended headstand. This traction in the spine helps relieve back pain and tension. The full release of the abdomen allows for rejuvenation and stimulation of all the vital organs. The gentle downward pull, also creates a deep sense of presence and relaxation.

Yoga Kurunta is excellent for students of all levels seeking to strengthen, align, and restore the body. Those that suffer stiffness, the elderly and those that have a difficult time moving into complex poses will find Yoga Kurunta particularly therapeutic. As a totally supportive practice that yields relaxing and lengthening effects on the body and nervous system that last for days, Yoga Kurunta is a good choice for all.

by: Diedo Baldi

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